Brow Creator Dazzling


Press on Hands Free Eyebrow Stencils in "Dazzling" brow shape. 

A medium/rounded arch

Hands Free Gentle Press-on Eyebrow Stencils that leave no residue. 

No measuring, no angle setting & best of all; hands free so you can hold & apply your coloring product with ease.

These patented stencils have a dual-purpose;

  • a press-on fill-in stencil that helps you form a beautiful brow shape.Fill in with our Natural Effect Brow Palette to create the look of real eyebrow hairs. 
  • a built-in tweezing guide that presses on over the brow to help you avoid over tweezing 

Each pair can be reused for several days depending on skin type.

Press-on stencils are made of a soft non woven hypoallergenic medical grade material which is moldable over the brow bone giving you an eyebrow shape that is uniquely yours.

Box includes:
- 10 pairs of reusable fill-in stencils
- 10 pairs of reusable tweezing guides